The best storage ideas for keeping a tidy bedroom

They always say, a tidy home means a tidy mind; so having a tidy bedroom is vital as this is your place to wind down and relax. It is the last thing people want to see having clutter all over the place before they sleep. Therefore, we have come up with the best storage ideas for keeping a tidy bedroom to suit every bedroom size, shape and style.

Integrated storage

From a bedroom that only fits a bed, to a room that is not the everyday shape to a huge bedroom; integrated storage is something everyone needs in their life. Using space wisely is key; therefore integrating wardrobes into these unusable spaces, this will enable you to utilise your spaces wisely without compromising on design or space.

Internal Options

As well, using the storage space within your integrated storage wisely will also help you keep a tidy bedroom. For example, putting a mirror on the inside of the wardrobe that can pull out as and when it is needed. It is all about using space wisely. Offering a wide range of rails; we have you covered for all your hanging needs; the pull-down rail, illuminated rail or if you like to keep things simple, we have our standard rail. Each of these can be integrated into your wardrobes or your storage cupboards. Hanging rails give you a multitude of different storage options; from hanging your clothes to getting hanging shelves that are easily implemented. This will give you endless opportunities to reduce to clutter and ensure you have a tidy bedroom all year round.


Floating storage

Not only does floating storage shelves add extra storage for you but it also gives you a stylish feel to your bedroom. Adding your favourite boxes and trinket boxes then accessorising with your collectable items like art and ornaments will give you that added extra space you need whilst remaining elegant and tasteful.

Keep it configurable

By keeping your storage spaces configurable this means that you can change up the area depending on the items you are storing. Here at Angelos Interiors we offer a wide range of different styles that will suit everyone’s storage needs and give you that dream space to keep your bedroom tidy. We have the standard cupboard with rail, cupboard with dividers, different shaped storage shelves and boxes that can fit all requirements.

Utilise existing areas

Empty space under your bed? How about a rollout drawer to store extra shoes or the little bits and pieces? Free space on top of a dresser? What about making that into a bed side shelf or organising your jewellery on top? Making practical use out of not only the drawers but also the top shelf.

Keeping your bedroom tidy is all about working with and utilising the space you have; whether that integrating new wardrobes or using existing wardrobes and opting for new configurations. Sometimes having the best hints and tips provided is all you need to transform your bedroom from cluttered to tidy.

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