Organisation tips for your home study

For the majority, a cluttered workspace makes for a cluttered mind. With all those files, documents, accessories and general clutter, it’s hard to keep your home study organised. Here are 3 organisation tips for a more productive workspace:

Drawer Organizers

As more people are spending a lot of time working from home, investing in a desk which has plenty of spacious drawers is a great start to keeping your office space organised. Having a draw for all your stationary, files, electrical items can keep everything separate and organised. Make sure your drawers are not just hiding mess but are to keep everything in the right place.

Floating Shelves

Install floating shelves by your home office to expand your workspace, making room for extra tech items or books/files. This is also a clever way to display accessories and artwork to give your office more personality.

Turn clutter into decor

Your notes, scribbles and letters don’t need to be piling up on your desk. Tack them to the wall next to some of your favourite art in a unique display. Not only does this create more space on your desk, it also adds to the décor of your office.

Home Office furniture can be designed around you and your requirements. Filing cabinets provide ample storage, whilst a large desk gives you all the space that could need to work efficiently at home.


A selection of drawer front colours and either Cashmere or Dark Oak framing enables you to mix and match to your hearts content and will suit any style of home.

Tall and low filing cabinets, as well as base open cabinets are available to ensure that everything can be neatly filed away to deliver a clutter-free office space. Store your documents away safely with additional locking cabinets.

If its a dedicated room used as a home study or a simple desk set up for use in a bedroom. Angelos Interiors can accommodate your needs.

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