How to get the most out of a small bathroom

Having a small bathroom and trying to make everything fit in can seem impossible. Your bathroom doesn’t need to feel cluttered or cramped, with these three tips your bathroom can ooze sophistication and style.

Choosing a minimalist style when it comes to bathroom storage not only keeps the look plain and simple, but it also gives a lot of space around the bathroom. Adding recessed shelving is a great space saver, both practically and visually as it keeps toiletries and accessories neat and off the surfaces. Also, a wall mounted unit or furniture gives your bathroom a fuss free streamlined look, take a look at some of our bathroom furniture here.

Natural light is key to making a small space feel bigger. If your bathroom windows do not bring in enough light, then installing a sky light is a great option. Top Tip: Adding mirrors to your bathroom can transform the look and feel of a room as they reflect natural light creating an impression of a larger space.

Colours & Patterns
Using bright or light colours can help make your room appear much larger than it is. Not only does using light colours do this, but so do large scale patterns which you can incorporate into your bathroom by using tiles. Patterns like wide stripes can trick the eye into seeing expanded space. A great way of making the space feel larger is by tiling your bath and wall with the same tiles as it makes it hard to distinguish between the two therefore making the room appear bigger.

If you have a small bathroom and are not sure how to utilise the space, get in touch with us or visit our showroom to view our Symphony bathroom ranges. We are here to help you design the bathroom you have always wished for.

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