Say hello to the new BORA oven, X BO!

Coming to you in February 2022. The new comfort of cooking and being able to steam bake to perfection. What more could you ask for?

What this different?


Everyone loves simplicity. Why make it more complicated than it needs to be? With a huge 19-inch display that can be folded if necessary, this touchscreen simply responds to the touch of your fingertips. With multiple preset programmes and an intuitive user navigation make cooking as easy as pie!

Cleaning made easy

Cleaning a dirty oven is hard and it never feels 100% clean. That’s why the BORA X BO makes it easy for you. With three cleaning programmes from fast to intensive, it cleans every bit of dirt away, you don’t even need to wipe it dry, it does this too!

Steam free

Have a clear view at all times. The BORA X BO prevents that face full of steam when opening the oven. With its automatic steam extraction system, this draws the steam backwards before unlocking and automatically opening the door. Not only that, it has a special filter that neutralizes all odours.

Perfect meals, time and time again

The BORA X BO stands out thanks to its uniform cooking results and its optimum heat distribution. Your meals will come out of your oven time and time again. Using all three levels? No worries, it will cook evenly across all levels.

Lets compliment it

With the BORA X BO leveling up your oven cooking abilities, adding the BORA multi drawer can give you that extra kitchen flair. When it comes to heating up food or crockery or even wanting to defrost food, the clear touchscreen operating panel makes this easy to use. You can even cook at a low temperature.

What more could you ask for in your kitchen?

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