Mira Showers

Part of Kohler Mira Ltd, Mira showers pride themselves on innovation which remains at the forefront of what they do, which is driven solely by the fascination with water. Using their love of water and what they have learnt from it, they have applied the knowledge to shape the designs of their showers and change the future of showering.

Creating different types of showers for different types of needs, finding the right shower for you and your family can be a tricky process. Angelos Interiors can guide you through this process in picking the perfect shower for you, whether that’s an electrical, mixer, power or digital shower.

Along with the perfect shower head, finding the right shower tray to compliment your bathroom style, shape and design is a vital part of building your perfect bathroom. Mira Flight shower trays are built to last you. These are made in five different shapes and coming in a range of colours or effects, these suit everyone’s design dreams. All shower trays are made from acrylic-capped durable resin stone, this means they are scratch and chip resistant, making this perfect for that everyday use.

Anti-slip technology that exceeds industry standards, these are ideal for family homes which make showering safer for everyone. Along with the Anti-slip technology we also offer the instillation of shower seats which are comfortable as well as stylish with a slim-line design that can be installed either in or outside of the shower.

If you are looking for the ideal shower to fit your bathroom, then why don’t you pop into our showroom in Medway, Kent to take a look around, or alternatively, you can contact us directly or take a look at our brochure.

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