Kitchen Trends for 2020

Are you starting to notice that your kitchen looks a little worn out? Here are some tips for keeping your kitchen on trend this year:

1. Sleek Simplicity
For 2020, simplicity is key. The best way for the elements in your kitchen to stand out is by keeping everything else simple. Less fuss in the kitchen is the best way to let unique materials stand out and shine.

2. Natural Wood
Wood which has coloured pigments applied whilst still allowing the natural grain to shine through is starting to become more and more popular. Even though painted woods are becoming more of a trend, so is using natural wood. Try adding natural wooden shelves or a wooden kitchen island topper, this will bring a warmer feel to your kitchen, especially if it’s all white.

3. Open Shelving
Having open shelves in your kitchen allows you to showcase your beautiful kitchenware and accessories. Not only is this nice to look at, it also gives you the ability to see through your storage – making everything easy to find.

3. Pop of colour
You don’t need to have an all-white kitchen to stay on trend this year. Adding a pop of colour with your appliances or cabinets gives your kitchen a bit more personality. Consider a colour on your kettle or toaster, or perhaps a striking splash back to add character to your kitchen.

4. Handleless cabinets
One of the latest contemporary trends is all about free-flowing design. Handleless kitchen cabinets are one of the biggest demands for 2020, giving a more streamlined and simpler look to your kitchen.

5. Bold as brass
Brass taps with unique handles are a great way to draw the eye and compliment your kitchen. Pair your statement tap with similar finishes for your cabinets to keep a consistent style. Brass is an ideal shade for enhancing dark cabinets whilst adding a sophisticated touch.

6. Statement flooring
Let the floor do all the talking and keep the rest of your kitchen minimal. Statement tiles can be effective if you have an open plan kitchen. Coordinating your cabinets and furniture with the tones used in the flooring keeps your kitchen consistent.

If you feel your kitchen needs a makeover, contact us today or visit our showroom to explore our Symphony kitchen ranges and styling options, we will be more than happy to help to create your dream kitchen space.

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