How to transform your bedroom into a peaceful retreat

Your bedroom is supposed to be a quiet, cosy place to help you wind down at night yet wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. Here are some tips to help you turn your bedroom into a peaceful, relaxing retreat.

Less is more

Your bedroom is not a dumping ground for all your bits and bobs. Keep your furniture and décor streamlined and add lots of storage space for all of your things from clothes and books to accessories. Try to avoid the build-up of clutter to help you feel more organised and zen.

Add natural elements

Natural sunlight is better than adding artificial lighting as it is not too bright, natural sunlight is the more replenishing option. Switch heavy curtains for adaptable shutters to allow you to change the lighting to fit your mood. When choosing lighting, opt for a warm yellow bulbs than bright white light as this can cause headaches and a less cosy feel to the room. Top tip, add table lamps to create an ambient glow .

Add colour

Its important to make your bedroom feel like home and one of the best ways to do this is by choosing a theme colour and sticking to it. Choosing a main colour for your bedroom helps bring its look and feel together. Think about how you can personalise your room with colours and textures you love. Can you paint the walls with a fresh lick of paint or add colourful, cosy throw pillows or a rug? Choose a colour theme that suits you and bring relaxation and comfort to the room.

Turn your bedside table into a mini sanctuary

A typical bedside table is piled with clocks, books, chargers with drawers cluttered with magazines, papers and general junk. Clean down your nightstand and place your favourite photos, a scented candle or accessories that help you feel relaxed. Place things into your drawers that you need and help you relax and arrange the items into trays or boxes within to keep it organised and neat.

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