How to design a kitchen ideal for entertaining

The kitchen is now the place of the party. People are looking to use these spaces to get the most out of them. Whether you are a hosting a family gathering, a couple’s night in or you are wining and dining your close friends, getting your kitchen design right is essential.

Here are some tips to create the perfect kitchen for entertaining:

Opt for open plan

Choosing an open plan kitchen design gives the ideal space for entertaining at home. This way it is the ultimate living, cooking and dining space, ensuring you can still entertain your guests without rushing back and forth from the kitchen to the living area.

Choose standout seating

Whether you go for a standout dining table with matching chairs or prefer to keep it casual with benches or bar stools, your choice of seating is important for entertaining in style.

Making sure your guests are comfortable is a priority when you are the host. If you have enough space, a deluxe sofa in your open plan kitchen is a perfect way to ensure comfort. If you opt for a kitchen table with benches, add soft, scattered cushions for entertaining. A tip when inviting guests over, ensure you have enough seating for everyone so they can sit down when they choose, and can all catch up together.

If space is limited in your kitchen, folding chairs and stools are a great option as you can pack away in a storage cupboard when you are no longer entertaining guests.

Choose sociable additions

There are many additions you can incorporate into your kitchen to impress your guests when you are hosting an event.

Having a wine cooler is great at showing off your collection as well as ensuring your bottles are chilled to perfection. Wine coolers make an impressive statement as they are designed to be seen and admired.

Put a flat screen TV in your kitchen to stream your favourite playlist or plan your party around a sporting event. Great idea for entertaining guests. If you enjoy entertaining, then designing your kitchen as a sociable space is a must to make sure you are the perfect host.

Zone your space

The key to making your kitchen work is to consider how people will move around it, no matter what size it is. When you are planning your kitchen design, you need to think about where/how you will be cooking, where you plan to serve food and where you would like your guests to gather, either by sitting at a breakfast bar, sitting at a table or have more casual seating area. Having a kitchen island that doubles up as a cooking and seating area is a great way to utilise space and allows the person with the job of cooking to still socialise with their guests.

Designing a kitchen ideal for entertaining takes a lot of thought, which is why our expert designers at Angelo’s Interiors can help you design your perfect kitchen. Visit us at our showroom or give us a call, we are more than happy to help.

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