Home office ideas that spark productivity

Our surroundings have a significant effect on our state of mind, which makes planning a home office especially important. There are many aspects to a home office that can influence how you feel. Here are some design ideas that can improve creativity and productivity:

separate office from home space

Separate your workspace and living space

Creating a separate workspace to your living space helps minimise distractions from pets, family, TV and all the other things that might grab your attention. Not only the physical boundary helps to maintain productivity, but also the fact of having a place to ‘go to work’ gives your workday more structure and is a mental trigger that it’s time to focus.

Get arty

When working from home, it can be hard to stay motivated instead of going back to bed and putting on your favourite Netflix series. If you are looking for ways to keep yourself inspired, then it’s worth considering hanging some art above your desk for something to look at when you need a break from looking at a computer screen.

Having a bright, colourful work of art in your home office can boost productivity, lower stress and increase your well-being!

Let there be light

Having as much natural light as possible into your work area decreases the change of headaches and eye fatigue while increasing productivity. Allowing the natural light in gives you that vitamin D boost, makes you feel happier and more positive. Ensure you keep your curtains or blinds open to let the light in, even when its cloudy or a darker day than usual.

Go green

Exposure to nature and greenery can increase happiness and productivity whilst also reducing stress. If you have an aesthetic view of the natural surroundings then turn your desk towards the window as even the smallest engagements with nature can help boost moods and productivity.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have stunning natural views, so if you don’t have easy access, consider placing some plants around your area.

Stay organised

Storage is extremely important in a home office as having clutter can make a space feel small and chaotic. Look for a sleek desk that has built in storage or a wall organiser to ensure there is enough space for everything. Having a cluttered office and give you a cluttered mind so make sure your office is clean, tidy and organised to give you the space to work productively.


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