Avoid living in a home renovation nightmare!

When renovating a home, many things can go wrong. It’s easy to go over your set budget and enter a renovation nightmare as you might uncover hidden, expensive problems that need to be fixed after you’ve already purchased the property, or you might attempt to solve an issue yourself to save money instead of calling in a professional from the get-go and make it worse. To help you avoid home renovation tricks straight out of a horror film, we have constructed this blog full of our treats – aka tricks for how to successfully renovate a home.

Carry out an inspection before purchasing a property

One of the best ways in which you can avoid a home renovation nightmare is to carry out an inspection before you even purchase the property. There are several independent third-party inspectors that you can call upon to look over the property with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that you’re not walking into a trap. It’s their job to uncover any potential renovation nightmares so that you’re aware of them before you make any sort of an investment.

Set a realistic budget

One of the first things a renovator will do before they set about renovating a property is set a budget. We urge that you wait until you’ve seen the property with your own two eyes and after you have the recommendations from a building inspector before you set this budget. This is as you will have a much more realistic idea of how much money it will take to transform the property, avoiding a spending spiral that could turn the investment into a money pit. If it’s your own home you will more than likely know it inside out, and will already have a budget in mind, which is a great start. It’s important not to lose sight of this.

Call a professional

It’s not uncommon for renovators to purchase a property and find out that there’s something wrong with the plumbing system, for example. It’s also common for some renovators to decide that they have enough experience from working on other properties to be able to save money and solve the problem themselves. In some cases, this can work out perfectly, but in other ways, renovators and homeowners can often make the problem worse and much more expensive to fix. This is why we urge you to call a professional as soon as you detect a problem. Even if you do so to get a second opinion or some advice on how to fix the issue for yourself, it’s a sensible way in which you can avoid a nightmare.

Do your homework

A great way to avoid a renovation nightmare is to do your homework on the professional that you’re considering hiring. The last thing you want is to go off a friend or family recommendation that allows cowboy builders to come in and rip you off, charging a high price before they do a shoddy job, often worsening the original problem. By thoroughly researching several different professionals yourself, you’re much more likely to find a quality tradesman and in turn, avoid a potential home renovation nightmare.

For more information on renovating your home or property portfolio successfully, and avoiding a nightmare, feel free to contact a member of our team at Angelos Interiors.

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