3 Easy Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Theme

Whether you’re going through a whole bathroom refit or are simply looking to refresh its look, we’ve put together some quick and cost-effective ideas for how you can add some style to your bathroom.

1. Colour
A simple way to create a specific style in your bathroom is to incorporate colour. Go nautical by getting creative with paint adding navy stripes to the wall, or painting wood white for a rustic look. The colour of your accessories also creates a specific style; blue towels give the seaside feel whereas a black metallic washing basket creates a modern, industrial look.

2. Furnishings
Furnishings are a great, cheap way off getting the look you want for your new or existing bathroom. Items like soap holders and dispensers, mirrors, storage/shelves and even the toilet seat can all work together to give your bathroom a unified style.

3. Decorations/Ornaments
Other than your bathroom necessities, decorate your bathroom with plants, ornaments or artwork to create the look you want to achieve. Add real shells to your shelves or put up photographs and paintings of the sea to tie in with the seaside vibe, or use plants and flowers for a fresh, natural feel.

For bathroom furniture and fittings that suit your desired style, visit our showroom or talk to our team today.

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