Japan’s leading producer of sanitary ware, Toto, is a loved and iconic brand that focuses on technological innovations and high standard quality.

When designing your bathroom one major element you look for is the ease of keeping it clean and hygienic. TOTO have developed Cefiontect which is a special hygienic glaze that is suitable for all ceramic surfaces. This feature is to ensure the bathroom stays a cleaner and more pleasant place, by preventing mould and bacteria from thriving, and making it quick and easy to maintain cleanliness as well as using less ecologically damaging chemicals whilst cleaning.

Angelos Interiors can help you build all these features into your bathroom, without having to compromise on design or space. If you are interested in a TOTO Bathroom, feel free to pop into our showroom in Medway, Kent to take a look around, or, you can contact us today or take a look at our brochure.