Samsung, established in 1969 has been in the forefront of technology since the beginning. Starting off with TV’s they then moved onto microwave ovens in 1979. This was the start of their home appliances range.

One of their main goals, like Angelos Interiors, is to create products and services that give customers the best satisfaction.

Samsung designs the perfect appliances for your kitchen that will fit your designs effortlessly with the latest technology available. From appliances like your ovens, hobs, hoods, and microwaves to your fridge freezers and washing machines. Each of these products are built to high spec and Angelos Interiors can help you install these, whether you go for integrated or freestanding systems, like a integrated or a freestanding dishwasher. Whatever your wants and needs we can implement these for you.

Along with these home appliances they also have SmartThings. This is a range of appliances that makes your home a smart home, from your lighting to your doorbells. These are then controlled via your phone from wherever you are, giving you ultimate control of your home.

If you’re interested in any of the Samsung home appliances and upping your technology within your home, feel free to pop into our showroom in Medway, Kent and take a look around. Or alternatively, contact us today.

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