KALDEWEI is a family run business that developed 100 years ago, when they discovered that enamelled stainless steel was the perfect material for bathroom objects.

Over the years they have refined their techniques along with building on their manufacturing. In 1957 they made the first seamless bathtub made from a single sheet of steel.

Built from natural materials every bathroom object is made from natural materials, glass, and steel, which is fully recyclable. Angelos Interiors can install these elegant, timeless pieces which are set to last and still look as beautiful 30 years later as the first day they are installed.

Angelos Interiors work with KALDEWEI due to the fact they inspire to produce your dream bathroom where you feel happy and relaxed whenever you enter your sanctuary. KALDWEI bathrooms focus on the elements, layouts and functionalities that align to your everyday habits and preferences, whether you have a large bathroom and enjoy a long hot bath, or you have a smaller room to work for and want to monopolise the space.

KALDEWEI have a large number of inspirations that can give you ideas for your dream bathroom, some including Fire and Earth which will ease the stress of every day life with dark, muted colours to lend a special sense of calm, Small but Perfectly Formed is there with vibrant colours, a beautiful floor design and a variety of shapes make your bathroom appear really big because not every bathroom has to be enormous.

If you are interested in taking a look at a KALDEWEI bathroom then feel free to pop into our showroom in Medway, Kent to take a look around, or alternatively, you can contact us today or take a look at our brochure.

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